An Insight into the Trends of 2020

With the unpredictability of how this year has been, as well as how the recent pandemic has caused many people to scale back or repivot on their initial plans, we at Social Navigator wanted to reflect on the marketing and social media trends that have happened this year. We, hope that we’re able to provide to the necessary information and tips to help you and your team achieve your set goals and KPI’s.

The trends of this year, included many outside-of-the-box ideas, in addition to putting into action engaging content based off of data and analytics collected by companies, such as Sprout Social and Facebook.

Remember that moment a while ago when Facebook announced how they were testing the waters on removing the ability to see whom liked posts on Facebook and Instagram? Well, many have come to the conclusion that while it is important to know how much people engaged with posts, videos and content, the real question is whether or not users have a positive perception and whether they feel they are being engaged. Data collected by Sprout Social noted that, when it comes to making a connection with users, it is imperative to know what is driving the conversation, and to keep users engaged, this would allow you to better create content that would in a way, “speak to the user” like a person, rather than create content that feels bland and robotic.

If you haven’t had the opportunity this year to create content that speaks to the reader, we advise you to do so, it is never too late to start now. Because the last thing that you would want to happen, is to see is user engagement stagnate due to something that was entirely avoidable. We would also like to add that if you are interested in learning more or have any questions or comments feel free to reach to our team, as we’d gladly be of assistance!