Social Media Trends of 2020: Video Content

Welcome back to part two of where we look into the latest trends in social media for this year. While there were many trends that companies have engaged in, we decided to chose the ones that we felt your company could use to help improve your digital marketing presence.

The trends for this year included many outside-of-the-box ideas, in addition to putting into action more engaging content.

One trend that you may have noticed since the pandemic had affected the world, is the spike in brands using video content. Many companies have decided to move to going live on Instagram and Facebook, used by brands like MTV; TikTok, used by brands like Wendy’s; and even streaming services such as Youtube and Twitch, which was used by NASA.

Specifically, in this case, long and short-form video content. A recent annual report by tech company Cisco has stated that by the year 2022, roughly 82% of all online content will be some form of video. This means that if you’re thinking about creating video content that would engage with users, ideally you would want to start now, rather than later, and data collected by Statista shows that as of October of 2020, the top three platforms for uploading video content are: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

So while this year is coming to a close, it isn’t too late to begin plans on sharing your content using long and/or short-form video content. There’s still brands that are now creating new content using this method, and with people still not being able to travel much, now is an opportune time to create engaging content that’ll connect with your audience.