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Social Media Management

  • Social media is a cost-effective way for marine companies to engage with potential customers from all over the world every day. What used to be considered trendy is now a vital part of staying relevant to your customers. Merging the boating lifestyle into a focused social media marketing strategy puts your brand right at the center of today’s consumer’s focus. We know how to do this, we do it every day, and we take the stress off your plate by keeping up with constantly changing social platforms.
    • Branding, Setup, and Design
    • Weekly Content Creation and Promotion
    • Community Building
    • Support and Amplified Paid Media Campaigns
    • Monitoring and Moderation

Content Creation

  • Creative and engaging content is key to an excellent social media and digital marketing strategy, especially in the marine industry. We set our clients up with high-quality content that will convert to more engagement on social media platforms. With Social Navigator, you’ll get social-ready content from top-notch marine videographers and photographers. 
    • Work with our experience marine videographers
    • We keep your brand on top of the latest social trends
    • Create a content style that matches the rest of your company branding 

Progressive Paid Media

  • Paid media can elevate your company to the next level with increased reach to the specific type of boater. Social Navigator provides expert ad management and analytics. We create
    • Highly structured campaigns
    • Detailed targeting
    • Reporting 
    • A&B testing
    • Retargeting and pixel tracking

Influencer Management

  • To relate to your audience and get a wider range of exposure, your brand needs to utilize social media influencers. However, influencer management can be a lengthy and difficult process. We help keep your company relevant by partnering with and managing the latest and most impactful influencers in the marine industry.
    • Campaign Management
    • Pitching
    • Review and Negotiation
    • Management
    • Strategy and Analysis

Social Consulting Services

  • At Social Navigator, digital marketing and social media are what we do. Take advantage of our expertise and experience in the digital marketing space. We understand how to effectively reach boaters through social media, and can help you do the same. We’ll show you how to build your brand identity online at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.
    • One-on-one training 
    • Coaching best social tactics 
    • Templates and strategy takeaways 

Email Marketing

  • With Social Navigator’s email marketing services, your customers will stay updated and at the top of mind, through the help of their inbox. Strategic email planning can change the game for your company.
    • Automated email sequences
    • Ad funnels
    • Landing pages
    • Reporting and results


  • Turn your booth, boat, factory, or shop into an accurate and immersive digital twin. Get ready for a 3D experience!

Social Listening Services

  • Social media allows us to know who and what our customers are talking about online. With Social Navigator’s Social Listening Services, you can know the answer before you hear the question!