Where sailors go to ball!

You all know how to sail, operate a boat and maybe even enter a basketball pool, but probably not so much about social media. It’s okay because Social Navigator is running #Scuttleball2018 and here to show you how to enter and give you some tips about social media for your marine company.

Back in 1988, way before Mark Zuckerberg even thought of creating Facebook, there was this college hoops pool between a bunch of friends in Annapolis. This pool has now changed into a nation-wide marine industry brag-fest based on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Before you go sharing this on Facebook and Tweeting to all your friends, you must know how to sign up and where the funds are going.

All the funds raised via the 2018 tournament pool will go towards helping Jim Hahn from Ronstan. Jim was doing what he loved, skiing in Vermont, when he had a catastrophic accident that has left him paralyzed from the waist down.

To inform the #veterans of the pool, winning Scuttleball still gets you all the fame and notoriety of the glory years of old. If you finish last you will get chastised for a full year, and new this year… if you win… you will get your name carved on an all new trophy… and last but not least… there’s over $4000 in prizes up for grabs from Harken, Lewmar, Spinlock, and of course, Ronstan.

Selection Sunday takes place on March 11, which is when we learn which 68 teams have made the field for the tournament. Your job is simply to choose which team will dominate the dance.

It’s Game Time! Here is how to play

First, you need to submit your picks on the CBS Sports site no later than 10:00 EDT, Thursday, March 15th. The CBS Scuttleball pool link is… click here. You do not need to know ANYTHING about basketball to play (and some say it’s even better to just guess anyhow).

Second, your entry fee ($20 per set of picks – limit 10 per person) must be submitted separately, but no later than Thursday, March 22. If you miss the deadline you will be removed from the pool. NO EXCEPTIONS.

It’s easiest for all if you pay with Paypal via this link… click here. There is an extra $2 tacked on for using PayPal to cover their fee’s. If you prefer to pay by check please mail it to:

Social Navigator

Atlantic Marketing

PO Box 293

Stonington, CT 06378


Please share this pool with your friends to see who is the best baller in sailing. Remember 100% of the proceeds this year will go to helping out our friend Jim Hahn!

Technical details for the geeks:


First Round: Each correct pick is worth 10 points. The seed of the winning team is added to the correct pick total.

Second Round: Each correct pick is worth 20 points. There is no bonus applied.

Sweet 16: Each correct pick is worth 40 points. There is no bonus applied.

Elite 8: Each correct pick is worth 80 points. There is no bonus applied.

Final Four: Each correct pick is worth 120 points. There is no bonus applied.

Championship: Each correct pick is worth 160 points. There is no bonus applied.

Tiebreaker: The total score of the Championship game.