With national small business week upon us, I began thinking about small business pride.

Not only do I love supporting and working with other small businesses, but I enjoy running my own. If you have done business with a small company before, you understand the difference.  I wanted to highlight a few benefits of dealing with small business owners.

  1. They Actually Care

Small businesses focus on the whole aspect of their service, not just the bottom line…..  $$$$. They care about their customers as if they were friends. They love to get to know their customers and provide them with value to improve their circumstances. This is Social Navigator’s mission, to provide our customers with quality service that will enhance their marketing strategy.  

  1. They are honest

They know what will or will not work for their customers, and won’t try and push things on them they don’t need. Such as the difference between walking into a small boutique vs. a large retail store. The small boutique’s customer representative isn’t going to push every perfume to go along with your trendy jeans.  They offer honest opinions on a product that would best fit the customer’s lifestyle. The same goes for Social Navigator. If we believe Twitter is not going to fit a client’s business needs, then I will navigate them toward a different platform that does.

  1. Personal Connection

As a small business, you build A personal connection and trust with your customers. It is reassuring to customers that they will know who is going to pick up the phone. These personal relationships can even go beyond the workplace, leading to friendships that can last a lifetime!

I am well aware that not every small business exhibits these qualities, but many do. It’s more than just being a small business, it’s about treating your customers, clients, and co-workers with care, honesty, and willingness to create a personal connection. Lets all work on these this week!