Four genuine reasons why a good social media manager helps businesses grow.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the top reason why your company should use social media. The average person spends nearly two hours every day on some form of social media, making these platforms a great places to grab your customer’s attention. Social media is an effective way of warming up potential customers to your products and getting them on the path to eventually buying. This path can act as your sales funnel. With a vast number of people you can reach for a low cost, social media can be an excellent tool for getting customers to the top of your funnel.

Increase Engagement

Social interactions improve brand perception, loyalty, and word of mouth recommendations. All of which are extremely influential in the marine industry. It is a tribal industry and increasing pivotal engagement is key. As soon as customers decide to engage with your business on social media, they’re essentially putting trust into your brand to solve their problem.

Content Distribution

Social media is driven by content and your social channels are the distribution method. It’s important to pay attention to your key messages, persona, frequency, media, links and customer response time. Additionally, each of your social media channels are used a little differently, and it is essential to keep them active and up to date with engaging content that accurately represents your marina company.

Sales and Lead Generation

Depending on your content and call-to-action, you can use social media as a lead generation channel. However, you do not want to constantly be posting sales – oriented messages all the time because recipients / customers do not like to try to be sold. They want to make informed decisions themselves. We provide a balance between the two and provide your audience with eye catching content.