How Social Navigator Helps Make Waves for the Launch of Suzuki Outboards’ New “SS” Motors

Classic brands need a classy social presence. 

Suzuki Marine is an international company that designs and manufactures outboard motors. Their line of Outboard Motors are designed to be the best high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines.

With their selection of powerful outboards ranging from the 2.5 horsepower portable right up to the new flagship 4.4-liter 350-horsepower V6 with Contra-Rotating Propellers, Suzuki offers a powerful choice for every American boater.

Suzuki Marine has built its reputation as an organization that requires ethical business practices and high levels of integrity in all business transactions. At Suzuki, their ethical standards are more than words; they reflect who they are and how they conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

In early March of 2022, Suzuki launched two brand new outboard motors to the bass fishing and shallow water markets. The all new DF115SS and DF250ATSS provides fishermen with speed, reliability, and power.

The “SS” Sport Series bass motor offers Suzuki Precision Control 2.0 (SPC) Integration, a redesigned gear case, and eye-catching matte black or new white graphics to compliment today’s bass boats.

The new motor launch

Suzuki Marine engineers invested years of engineering the new SS motors, to support these efforts and promote sales, there needed to be an impactful launch to create excitement around the new developments. Social Navigator worked hard alongside the team at Suzuki Marine to make waves in the industry for this launch.

Platforms Unitized: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Linkedin
  • Social Media Advertising

Content Created:

2 Teaser Videos: Suzuki launched 3 short teaser videos before the launch to create hype and get the audience excited about the new product.

We wanted to create a sleek look that was also mysterious and kept viewers wondering. We kept the motor blacked out and text minimal. 

Released Videos: Flashy reels and information video live from the Bass Master Classic where the motor made its first debut. 

Graphic: After the videos launched, we had an influx of specific questions on the motor. To better inform the customers we created multiple graphics to go over features and display the new specs and details of the motor. 


After the videos launched, we had an influx of specific questions on the motor. To better inform the customers we created multiple graphics to go over features and display the new specs and details of the motor. 

Social Media Posts: 

Suzuki and Social Navigator created and shared over 30 social media posts in the span of 2 weeks regarding the new motor launch on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The pre-launch posts were to create hype and make the audience aware of the new products. The content shared post-launch gave more specifics on the motors and answered customer questions.

Feed: After the official release of the motor our goal was to continuity to excite and educate the audience. Short “Reel” style videos were created to catch more eyes on social platforms. Next, we scripted a longer form video to be shot at the release event. Then graphics were posted that showed the style, features and specifics. We complemented it with community management where we responded to every comment and DM from customers.

Facebook and Instagram Stories:

Multiple stories went out showing off the new motor style, features and specifics. Next, we focused the stories on addressing main questions from customers. We put a question box up in the story for viewers to drop their specific questions. This showed us what the customers wanted to know and where we were lacking on motor details. We addressed these questions on the story through on the moment speaking videos from the sales team. 


Social Media Advertisements: 

To complement the organic posting and create some addition awarness we created advertiemnts around the new motors. We published multiple advertiemnts to run for 5 days before the offical release. One we released we then published a official advertisement about the fill details on the motor. Next, we started advertisement testing of videos, graphics and verbage to see which performed the best and continued to educate the bass market on the new motor. 

Solution & End Result:

Results of the campaign within a two week period:

  • Total Instagram accounts reached during campaign: 260,552
  • Total Instagram impressions: 187,111
  • Total Instagram content interactions: 10,509


  • Total Facebook accounts reached during campaign: 142,657
  • Total Facebook content interactions: 1,754


  • Total LinkedIn views: 2,199
  • Total LinkedIn impressions: 2,560
  • Total LinkedIn clicks: 182

Social Media Advertiment:

  • Total reach 320,323
  • Total impressions 377,895



Overall, the Suzuki new motor launch was a success. With the plentiful high quality content that we created, we were able to make a splash in the industry. The content styles varied, so our audience never saw too much of one thing and felt engaged by it. The content was also tailored to each individual social media platform by what is expected to perform best. The number of accounts reached on Instagram for posts regarding the new motor launch was over 500k within a two week period. We are proud of the overall very positive feedback from our client as well as their customers.