2020 left many of us scrambling to come up with new concepts and ideas in order to conduct business and interact with our customers. Many remember how just last year; companies were thinking outside of the box and were leaning into using long and short-form video content on social media. This includes brands like Wendy’s and NASA using platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Live.

Well, what about this year, what are some predictions that experts have predicted will happen this?

Some marketing predictions for 2021 include things such as: technology will level the playing field for smaller companies; being able to adapt quickly; and how marketers will be investing in genuine relationships with their customers.

Starting off with the first point, with how a lot of tech companies are offering their software as a service (SaaS for short), many smaller companies are now able to compete with larger companies due to being able to have capital that won’t break the bank. Furthermore, with how many companies are still working remotely, there will still be a demand for services that would best suit the needs of the company in order for them to see growth.

The next point, being able to swiftly adapt, is something that everyone had to do since the pandemic. What makes this prediction interesting is how, being able to re-pivot can either cause your company to succeed long-term, or lose money and go out of business. As many of us can recall, right when countries and cities starting going on lockdown, companies started to allow its employees to work remotely, not to mention that brands started to think outside the box when using social media to interact and engage with its users.

The third marketing prediction to consider would be investing in genuine relationships with customers. This approach could be done through various ways, but some ways include going live on Facebook or Instagram, uploading content on TikTok or IGTV, or even creating social media posts that speaks to the user like a person, rather than as a customer.

While there were many predictions for this year, this was just a sample of things to keep an eye out, what marketing predictions do you think will happen this year?