Let’s have some fun for this year’s virtual Land N’ Sea Show! This year we will be hosting a Bingo Happy Hour event taking place during the virtual show on Nov. 4th at 5 PM. 


Virtual Happy Hour, Land N’ Sea Bingo, WIN CASH PRIZES! Fill out the form below by Nov.4th at 5pm EST to enter into the event. 

What you need to play:

  • Internet connection
  • Join the Zoom 4th at 5 pm EST
  • A working computer or device to participate.

How to Play:

  1. Go to bingomaker.com
  2. “Join a Game”
  3. “Search a Game”
  4. Type in “Virtual Happy Hour Land N Sea 2021”
  5. Type in the password “SocialNavigator”
Game 1 = $100 
Game 2 = $200 
Game 3 = $400 
+ door prizes just for showing up! 

Any questions? Reach out to Kirsten@socialnavigator.net 

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