#GOALS 2021, KIR

Late December and early January is a time where many of us do some self-reflection to think about how we can better ourselves for the new year. Well we at the Social Navigator team wanted to share with you some of our resolutions.


First off to share her resolutions and goals, is the Social Navigator co-founder, Kir Corssen:

Question: What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Kir: 2021 goals are to set better boundaries in every part of my life, whether it’s work or personal. Analyzing where or who I am, putting my energy into, and deciding if this is a good place to spend my time. If it is not serving me, setting those boundaries either to cut it out or to limit the time spent in that space.


Q: Why did you choose these as your resolutions?

K: I decided to set more boundaries because of what I learned from 2020. It’s easy not to set up a time to do things when every day is the same. Either you are working too much (because your office is in your living room) or spending too much time on things that aren’t serving you. Equalizing the way you spend your time will help set boundaries and focus on what you REALLY need!


Q: Do you normally follow through on your resolutions or do you break them sometime during the year?

K: We all like to say we do, but sometimes they tend to slip away from us. Some tactics I do to stay on track with my goals is, to write down the goals and intentions. Whether its for that upcoming day or year, sometimes things will fall or be forgotten, but it’s always amazing to look back at the time to see what you have achieved. It’s also helpful to tell someone you trust your goals; this way, they can ask you about them and hold you accountable. Also, I like to picture how it feels after achieving these goals, and this manifesting will subconsciously help you achieve them. It’s then key is to let these goals go to achieve them – work hard, and what you want will come… trust me. “you know a manifestation is on its way when it seems like the logical steps anyways.”