Navigating through this uncertainty, caused by the COVID-19 virus, has us all thinking on our toes. We are now faced with a new challenge: how to reach customers? The solution could be social media and smartphone capabilities. The Social Navigator Team is here to guide you with some tips on how to reach your customer, without physical presence and following all safety precautions. 

How-to Service Videos: Think about the main service you offer the customer in the spring… Engine maintenance? Cleaning? Bottom paint? How can you offer that in a virtual way that won’t put you at risk OR your employees? Examples: Videos, LIVE Streams, Zoom meetings, and other video services that can be shared and customers can learn and interact with you. This is a great way to offer value to customers and show them you care. 

Virtual Boat Tours: You can’t take your customers to the showroom, but you can take them on a virtual tour with your phone while still practicing social distancing. You can also repurpose videos you created over the year and send out a weekly email highlight on boats you have in stock. 

Mechanic Call-In lines: You can offer your customers- “call us while you are at home fixing your boat and we can help answer questions.”  For those not as familiar with video streaming services, offer your customers a new way of support that will fit into their lifestyle and technology capability.

Offer Daily Deals: Take that spring open house online, start a giveaway campaign, create just as appealing deals that people can use while searching online, and make sure to support them at the same time. 

Online Navigation Classes: Take the focus off sales or the COVID-19 stress and educate your customers. Start an online class educating them on surrounding waterways to get them excited about getting out on the water and teach them how they can avoid that sand bar this summer. 

As all of these issues arise there are new ways to connect with your customers. You must remember that your customers are feeling very similar to you, unsure of what the future holds. The more you show them you care the more likely they will be returning customers once the world is up and running again. 

Need help with video streaming or some of the things we mentioned above? Reach out, we would love to guide and help you create a solution!