Late December and early January is a time where many of us do some self-reflection to think about how we can better ourselves for the new year. Well we at the Social Navigator team wanted to share with you some of our resolutions.

The next person to share their goals for the new year is one of our content creators, Jonathan David.

Question: What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Jonathan: Well, normally it would be for me to get back into my hobbies or to have a better sleep schedule or not eat junk food; however, ever since I was able to get my first post-college job, as well as the pandemic allowing me to get back into my hobbies, I feel that the one goal I would like to accomplish this year is time-management, specifically, managing my time to avoid getting burned-out.

Q: Why did you choose these as your resolutions?

J: So for the past two years, my number one goal was to find a job after graduating from college, and I remember how stressful and how excruciating it was to not be employed in my desired career industry as well as seeing my peers getting hired after working as interns. Well, now that I accomplished that goal, my new goal is to be able to better manage my time to do things that are equally important to me, such as physical fitness, hobbies such as art and gardening, and even spending time with friends and family.

Q: Do you normally follow through on your resolutions or do you break them sometime during the year?

J: Oh without a doubt I break them, I used to break them a month into the year, and would think “whelp, I tried, maybe we can try again the following year”. Thankfully, I’ve noticed that I’m started to become more consistent and have more self-control to restrict breaking my goals. Fingers crossed on me following through with my goal!