Facebook to Meta; What Does This Mean?

Facebook recently rebranded to “Meta.” Let’s dive into what this means for the future of social media, and more importantly, how your brand will be impacted.

First, let’s discuss the specifics.

If you weren’t already aware, Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, Onavo, and Beluga. These platforms are larger than just a social network, they are a source for news, shopping, advertising, entertainment, interacting with others, and beyond. So what does the rebrand from Facebook to Meta mean?

Meta is short for “Metaverse”, which is defined as “an online 3D virtual environment through conventional personal computing”, AKA an online virtual reality. With innovative new technologies and social media platforms constantly being created, the stars are the limit for what’s next. Facebook decided to capitalize on this by rebranding Meta, essentially allowing anyone and everyone the ability to exist within a virtual world. Within Meta, the opportunities are endless. You can live, work, socialize, create, shop, and enjoy all different kinds of recreational activities within this virtual reality world.

A metaverse is not necessarily a new concept. Other virtual reality companies have been working towards a realistic digital space for years. Some may say that this is the natural progression for modern technology and that we were bound to head in this direction with our society’s fascination with social media.

So, what does this mean for your brand?

We don’t know exactly how Meta will impact our companies today. However, Facebook’s rebrand to Meta solidifies one thing: that social media is important and not going anywhere. No matter what the platform is, social media will continue to hold a powerful position in our lives. It’s important to understand that the platforms themselves may change and even more important that you, as a company, stay on top of them. This will keep your company relevant and up-to-date with modern technology, which leads to increased overall exposure. 

As of now, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are remaining the same. We will keep an eye out as “Meta” evolves and learn about the best ways for your company to capitalize on it. But don’t worry, if you work with Social Navigator, we stay on top of all the changes for you 😉