If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s an introduction to Clubhouse, the newest social media app where users interact solely based on audio, it’s considered a place where users can meet, discuss topics, and share ideas.

Clubhouse is an app that is invitation-only, meaning that in order to be able to use it you’ll need to be invited by someone who is already using the app(text me if you want an invite); it’s also an app that is growing in popularity that has attracted over 600,000 users since its inception back in April, 2020.

Many have noted that what helped the app gain even more attention was, celebrities speaking in interviews on the app. Just early this year, tech celebrities, Elon Musk and Bill Gates spoke in interviews, causing the app to grow significantly. Even those that aren’t in the tech industry, like Oprah Winfrey has spoken in a room on the app, attracting an even wider audience.

The popularity of a social networking platform that is audio-based has even caused tech giant, Facebook, to create a competing app with Clubhouse.

Ok so now you know what Clubhouse is, but what does it have to offer besides talking to each other with an audience listening, well, some of the features of the app includes:

  • Creating rooms for users to join, where they can hear guest speakers discuss topics, in a similar format to TED Talks
  • Existing users can invite friends to join the app, which is faster than putting your name on the waiting list, as you can join the app much sooner.
  • There are also moderation features like blocking users or flagging a room for abuse

Currently Clubhouse is only available on iPhone, but an Android version will be released soon.

Additionally, it appears that the app’s current goals are: moderation to curb anti-bullying and harassment; as well as, addressing privacy issues that many similar social media apps face.

Overall, there is so much potential for Clubhouse and if you’re considering using it, the possibilities for it are endless. Some ideas that people have floated for ways to make money off of the app, include: subscriptions, hosting events and giving career advice.