We can all agree that 2020 has been a unique year. There is a push, more than ever, to take things digital. As all in-person boat shows are being canceled, we have seen an increase in new virtual shows being launched.

It’s essential to update your content to make your booth stand out among the rest and inform customers of your products! It’s also possible to create this upgraded content without spending a lot of money. We found that these are the three best ways to create a unique virtual experience without breaking the bank!

  • 3DV – Virtual booth 

Turn your booth, boat, factory, or shop into an accurate and immersive digital twin. 

Click to check out one our examples here. 


Display your product as If your customer was standing next to you. Create a branded video with us to display all features of a product to use for your virtual show booth. 

Click to check out one our examples here. 


Showcase your product up close and personal. Create a short video of your product with text or voice over! Perfect for virtual booths. 

Click to check out one our examples here. 


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