Who Won the 2022 Current Awards?

The second annual Current Awards is officially in the books! This year it was hosted an exclusive venue just outside the Miami International Boat Show convention center location. It was a wonderful time when many industry professionals and influencers joined in the same room.  

This year we distributed the awards in three categories: Fishing, Sailing/Cruising, and Yachting.

The winners of the 2022 Current Awards in the Fishing category were Emily and Amanda Gale, better known as the Gale Force Twins. These female captains make a splash as family-friendly fishing enthusiasts who educate and entertain their audiences across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Jason and Nikki Wynn, the faces behind the channel Gone with the Wynns, took the prize as winners of the Sailing/Cruising category. They have been chasing their curiosity around the world on wheels and keels since 2011 while documenting it all on their YouTube Channel.

Dean Harrison, better known as The Yacht Chef, took home the Award in the Yachting category. Dean is a world-class chef known for providing his followers with a behind-the-scenes look into working as a professional chef traveling the world by sea. He documents his experiences across several platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and blog.

Our panel of marine industry professionals judged and selected our winners. Sally Helme judged the Sailing category, Carl Blackwell did Fishing, and Emily Burchwell did Yachting. They evaluated the entries based on creativity, originality, effectiveness, and impact.

We could not be happier with the turnout of industry professionals and influencers. “The 2022 Current Awards bridged the gap between marine industry brands and influencers,” said Kirsten Corssen, the founder of the Current Awards. “Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful strategies you can have in 2022 and the attendees left with new relationships that benefit both parties. My team and I are so grateful for everyone who entered and attended the event.”

The next Current Awards will be held in February of 2023. Stay up to date with the latest updates by visiting currentawards.com


Facebook to Meta; What Does This Mean?

Facebook recently rebranded to “Meta.” Let’s dive into what this means for the future of social media, and more importantly, how your brand will be impacted.

First, let’s discuss the specifics.

If you weren’t already aware, Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, Onavo, and Beluga. These platforms are larger than just a social network, they are a source for news, shopping, advertising, entertainment, interacting with others, and beyond. So what does the rebrand from Facebook to Meta mean?

Meta is short for “Metaverse”, which is defined as “an online 3D virtual environment through conventional personal computing”, AKA an online virtual reality. With innovative new technologies and social media platforms constantly being created, the stars are the limit for what’s next. Facebook decided to capitalize on this by rebranding Meta, essentially allowing anyone and everyone the ability to exist within a virtual world. Within Meta, the opportunities are endless. You can live, work, socialize, create, shop, and enjoy all different kinds of recreational activities within this virtual reality world.

A metaverse is not necessarily a new concept. Other virtual reality companies have been working towards a realistic digital space for years. Some may say that this is the natural progression for modern technology and that we were bound to head in this direction with our society’s fascination with social media.

So, what does this mean for your brand?

We don’t know exactly how Meta will impact our companies today. However, Facebook’s rebrand to Meta solidifies one thing: that social media is important and not going anywhere. No matter what the platform is, social media will continue to hold a powerful position in our lives. It’s important to understand that the platforms themselves may change and even more important that you, as a company, stay on top of them. This will keep your company relevant and up-to-date with modern technology, which leads to increased overall exposure. 

As of now, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are remaining the same. We will keep an eye out as “Meta” evolves and learn about the best ways for your company to capitalize on it. But don’t worry, if you work with Social Navigator, we stay on top of all the changes for you 😉

Women in the Industry Virtual Breakfast


If you work in the marine industry, you know it primarily consists of men. However, there are some powerful women who have made a significant difference in this male-dominated industry over the course of the last decade.

These inspiring women attended this mornings “Women in the Industry Virtual Breakfast,” along with myself. It was hosted by Michele J. Goldsmith of AIM Marine, who brought along a fantastic speaker, Alicia Rodriguez. I was impressed to see hundreds of participants joining the Zoom meeting. The turnout was the best I have ever seen for any virtual event this year. You could feel the energy through the faces on the screen and in the chat room as it started to blow up with participants introducing themselves.

As Michele started the breakfast, you could see and feel her excitement. She began by introducing herself and some of the other key players in the room. Feeling and seeing her energy through the camera is what let me know that this was going to be a great experience. Michele recently celebrated her 30th year in the marine industry and shared her own personal experience about when she first entered the industry. She and several other of her female coworkers experienced many “firsts” – The first female in this position, the first female to host this event, the first female to work for this company, and many others. This stood out to me because of its relatability, which I am sure many other participants in the Zoom meeting felt. We are a part of the many “firsts” in the marine industry and work to change the standards every day.

The next speaker was Alicia Rodriguez, an entrepreneur, coach, blogger, and much more. She encouraged us to self-reflect and spoke on several topics that most of us probably don’t think of often. She went over a wealth of information, but the one that stood out to me was this point:

Stop reacting, focused on the problems (fear-based)
Start creating, focused on the vision (love-based)

This insight forced me to evaluate how I handle both. We tend to focus on putting out fires a lot of the time. Yes, these fires are important and need to be addressed, but they cannot consume your life. You need to focus on creating – whether that be a dream, goal, a new company, new concept, new challenge. Can we constantly be “creating” to expand our knowledge and grow as human beings? This mindset allows us to focus on the larger picture and to create our visions and dreams rather than getting caught up in the minute details.

Overall, this Breakfast was a success because I walked away with a new perspective and ideas to help me grow professionally and personally. I am taking these points and applying them to my company. I will focus on creating instead of reacting.

I hope to see you all at the next Women in the Industry Virtual Breakfast!


iOS 14: The Update That Will Affect How You Advertise on Mobile

“iOS 14.5 is available for your iPhone and is ready to install.” The notification that popped up just a few days ago on May 3, too many. It was just a simple update that probably meant new emoji characters and some new UI features; however, those that have been keeping track since the update that came before knew what to expect.

We mean that Apple has introduced a feature on users’ iPhones that allows them to give websites and apps their permission to be tracked for advertising purposes. It was one of the best things about the new updates for those that aren’t in the advertising or marketing industry. Still, it presents a new challenge for us: how will we be able to advertise on Facebook mobile and Instagram (an app also owned by Facebook).

A recent study conducted by Flurry Analytics has shown that only four percent of iOS users in the U.S. have allowed apps to track them, whereas, outside the U.S., it’s around 12%. Jon Loomer, a marketing guru on all things related to Facebook, recently stated in his podcast that while the new iOS14 may negatively affect clients’ ad revenue, it does give an insight into what to expect in the future when it comes to privacy and tracking, such as other browsers and companies implementing similar features. Loomer added that clients could still adjust their budgets accordingly while there won’t be any immediate solutions. While there’s still uncertainty about how to go about this, it could be argued that from now on, we may see some advertisers try different methods when it comes to reaching their audience. In the meantime, we’ll keep you all up-to-date with any news related to iOS 14

Charleston Race Week 2021

You could feel the excitement in the air at this year’s Charleston Race Week. After a long break from regattas this past year, it is safe to say everyone was itching to get on the water. We followed sailor Lily Flack aboard a Melges 24 “Opportunity” throughout race week. Flack gives us a little inside view of what this year’s regatta was like for the sailors. 

“After a long year of no sailing, I was very excited to get back on the racecourse. Sailing has always been my happy place, especially in Charleston. My favorite event, Charleston Race Week, turned out to be a huge success this year, even after taking the past year off from races due to the pandemic. They say time flies when you are having fun, and man did this happen at the regatta. After three days of racing, my team and I ended up in 21st overall out of 33 boats. With the oldest sailor on our boat being just 18 years old, we were delighted with our performance. We were there for a good time… There were no pros on our boat, just a handful of die heart sailors, and let me tell you how good it felt to beat a few pro-boats. 

“The famous Charleston’s sea breeze usually doesn’t fill in till the afternoon. Luckily, a few of the days, we had “breeze on” conditions, hiking as hard as we could upwind and sending it downwind. Before the event, we spent a lot of time double-checking our hardware, rigging, and sails to prepare for these conditions. Barton Marine was accommodating in this process, supplying our team with new spinnaker, backstay, and traveler blocks. After reflecting on the many events I have done as a spinnaker trimmer, I can honestly say that I have never had a better experience and feel of the kite through the blocks. I would highly recommend Barton Marine hardware and look forward to choosing their equipment in the future. 

“Thank you to Charleston Race Week organizers and volunteers for running a great few days of racing,” said Flack. “Already planning for my fourth race week next April.”


“Exit right toward Palm Beach,” my GPS sounded while I slowed down on I-95 toward my exit. After a quick right, then another left, I found myself at a parking garage where I grabbed a ticket. After finding a parking spot and parking my car, I grabbed my bag and camera, and headed down Clematis Street. 10 minutes later, I found myself at the Palm Beach Boat Show entrance, where I grabbed my exhibitor pass and headed inside.

I know, my morning sounds easy, right? no traffic, no lines, easy walk, but let me tell you, boat shows never really go like this for me. The morning of a boat show is typically full of traffic, lines, congestion, and long walks. I couldn’t be happier with my experience for the first time at the Palm Beach Boat Show 2021. 

The Social Nav. Sales Team (aka Kirsten) is usual at every boat show on the east coast, but it was a first to Palm Beach this year. To me, it’s essential to know how to do the boat show. If you are in the industry, you know what I mean. After doing it a year or two, you come up with a personal show strategy that makes 4-5 days at the show more enjoyable because you know where to park, stay, walk, get around, and just the ins-and-outs of the show. This one, was by far one of the easiest. 

The layout of the show was super maneuverable, even with a lot of people and boats to see. Like the Miami show, there were many winding docks with ships of all sizes, sail, power, and yachts. 

The one thing that made this year’s show different from others, was all the SOLD signs (not complaining about that!) Inventory was low for most OEM’s, accessory-companies, and outdoor products. After talking with dealers, I found out a lot of the boats they were showing were already customer-owned boats, and if you wanted new, you had to get on the list, which A LOT of people did. It was also amazing overhearing conversations while walking the docks, about reaching and exceeding sales goals, or customers asking, “when will it get in!?” 

Thursday (the first day of the show), usually industry day, was packed (not like your typical boat show). It’s safe to say the marine industry is booming… It’s one of the best times in history to own a boat, and people are not shy to order them. Although there were many eager customers at the show, it never seemed to get that cramped of a crowd, and I believe it was because of the layout of the show, giving people the space they needed, even if there were thousands of them!

If you didn’t make the show and have never been to one before, here are some tips and tricks I learned from this year’s show: 

  1. Easy to get to the show: No lines or traffic
  2. Parking: Find the nearest parking garage for the day and walk down to the show 
  3. Food: Restaurants on the same block as the boat show with quick-food or places to sit down with clients
  4. Stay: Many hotels and no traffic, you don’t need to worry about being within walking distance 
  5. Attire: Apply sunscreen (I got burnt the first day) and wear comfortable shoes (I never do this and always end up with blisters) 
  6. Show layout: Three main tents with accessory booths and then other booths scattered throughout the show
  7. Docks: Many people asked me if there was anything but yachts at the show, and the answer was yes. There was a large number of center console powerboats on the water and land. There was also a good sail process and some classic-style inboards. A great variety.
  8. Service: No cell service, basically at all. I couldn’t get a signal or Wi-Fi at the show.. making my job as a social media reporter difficult. I would recommend finding a coffee shop down the street you can escape to, when using the internet throughout the show. 
  9. Crowds: Many people but never too many people in one place, the layout of the show allows people to have their own space, but also get in the show

If you didn’t make the show this year, come next year! See you there. 

– Kirsten Corssen, Manager and owner of Social Navigator


If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s an introduction to Clubhouse, the newest social media app where users interact solely based on audio, it’s considered a place where users can meet, discuss topics, and share ideas.

Clubhouse is an app that is invitation-only, meaning that in order to be able to use it you’ll need to be invited by someone who is already using the app(text me if you want an invite); it’s also an app that is growing in popularity that has attracted over 600,000 users since its inception back in April, 2020.

Many have noted that what helped the app gain even more attention was, celebrities speaking in interviews on the app. Just early this year, tech celebrities, Elon Musk and Bill Gates spoke in interviews, causing the app to grow significantly. Even those that aren’t in the tech industry, like Oprah Winfrey has spoken in a room on the app, attracting an even wider audience.

The popularity of a social networking platform that is audio-based has even caused tech giant, Facebook, to create a competing app with Clubhouse.

Ok so now you know what Clubhouse is, but what does it have to offer besides talking to each other with an audience listening, well, some of the features of the app includes:

  • Creating rooms for users to join, where they can hear guest speakers discuss topics, in a similar format to TED Talks
  • Existing users can invite friends to join the app, which is faster than putting your name on the waiting list, as you can join the app much sooner.
  • There are also moderation features like blocking users or flagging a room for abuse

Currently Clubhouse is only available on iPhone, but an Android version will be released soon.

Additionally, it appears that the app’s current goals are: moderation to curb anti-bullying and harassment; as well as, addressing privacy issues that many similar social media apps face.

Overall, there is so much potential for Clubhouse and if you’re considering using it, the possibilities for it are endless. Some ideas that people have floated for ways to make money off of the app, include: subscriptions, hosting events and giving career advice.


If you were up late last week scrolling through Instagram and noticed that the likes have disappeared, you’re not alone.

When asked about the issue, Instagram stated that they have been testing the concept of removing likes, something that’s currently being tested within a small group of people, and that a “bug accidentally expanded that pool. Instagram continued about how people were not intentionally being added to their pool of users being tested.

While Instagram has fortunately corrected the “bug, there’s still the question of why is this even a thing. Why is Instagram removing likes from its app?

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is always looking for innovative ways that separate itself from others; however, there’s been one controversial idea that has been floating around and that’s removing likes, something that has been in the testing phase since 2019.

The reason why the company was considering removing likes, according to Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri, was to allow Instagram to be a place where users didn’t have to worry about their statistics such as likes, shares and comments, benefiting the mental health of users.

And while that does make sense, on a large scale it may affect things such as marketing and advertising.

Fortunately, the “bug” is now removed, so there’s no need to delete the app!


2020 left many of us scrambling to come up with new concepts and ideas in order to conduct business and interact with our customers. Many remember how just last year; companies were thinking outside of the box and were leaning into using long and short-form video content on social media. This includes brands like Wendy’s and NASA using platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Live.

Well, what about this year, what are some predictions that experts have predicted will happen this?

Some marketing predictions for 2021 include things such as: technology will level the playing field for smaller companies; being able to adapt quickly; and how marketers will be investing in genuine relationships with their customers.

Starting off with the first point, with how a lot of tech companies are offering their software as a service (SaaS for short), many smaller companies are now able to compete with larger companies due to being able to have capital that won’t break the bank. Furthermore, with how many companies are still working remotely, there will still be a demand for services that would best suit the needs of the company in order for them to see growth.

The next point, being able to swiftly adapt, is something that everyone had to do since the pandemic. What makes this prediction interesting is how, being able to re-pivot can either cause your company to succeed long-term, or lose money and go out of business. As many of us can recall, right when countries and cities starting going on lockdown, companies started to allow its employees to work remotely, not to mention that brands started to think outside the box when using social media to interact and engage with its users.

The third marketing prediction to consider would be investing in genuine relationships with customers. This approach could be done through various ways, but some ways include going live on Facebook or Instagram, uploading content on TikTok or IGTV, or even creating social media posts that speaks to the user like a person, rather than as a customer.

While there were many predictions for this year, this was just a sample of things to keep an eye out, what marketing predictions do you think will happen this year?


Late December and early January is a time where many of us do some self-reflection to think about how we can better ourselves for the new year. Well we at the Social Navigator team wanted to share with you some of our resolutions.

The next person to share their goals for the new year is one of our brand managers, Sarah Illig.

Question: What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Sarah: New Year’s resolution are to choose the gym, healthy eating choices and read when I can.

Q: Why did you choose these as your resolutions?


S: I chose these as a reminder when I fall off of these goals to get right back to them.


Q: Do you normally follow through on your resolutions or do you break them sometime during the year?


S: I normally break them 🙂