Improve your customer service through social media. Meet AIA.

Customers expect Immediate responses and social media has become a hot spot for these technical questions. “Call your dealer” or “please email us for help” can be seen as a copout. Why not post a public reply with the “Absolute Answer” that can be seen and will live beyond that one conversation.

WHAT IS AIA? We are offering a customer service support plan for your brand that will support your customer, reply to them in a timely matter, and create the “absolute answer” that is there to stay, and other customers can learn from.


Social Navigator Team.png


  • Social media customer service
  • Immediate response, that is not automated
  • We handle reaching out to the right person in the company and getting the response to the customer in a timely manor
  • All questions and answers will be documents for your own company knowledge, giving you insight on customer’s most common questions.