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Social Media Marketing– Using the power of the internet we will create a top of the line digital and social profile for your company that properly displays your brand and products. We do this by creating you a one of a kind social media marketing plan that explains the steps you need to take to get social and increase brand preference for your company.
Press Releases- Writing relevant press releases is the start to our services, but we do not stop there. We want to bring the right information, at the right time, to increase awareness about your product to the public by displaying this information real time using social media, all part of our Social Navigator Plan. 
Monitoring – Constantly monitoring your social media using monitoring services to give you direct results that show progress toward the success of your campaign and bring your brand to the top of mind of consumers in the marine community.

We go beyond packaging, catalogs, and press releases by offering our one of a kind, tailored social media expertise. We aid your brand in reaching your target audience with the power of organic and paid social media advertising.

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