6 Tips To Keep Social Media Posts Hot This SummeršŸ”„

6 Tips to Get Your Marine Companies Social Media Hot This Summer

Summer is hot and your social media strategy should be, too. In the marine industry, the weather has a lot to do with business and sales. This hot weather is what your customer live for and getting in front of them on social media can bring success. Here are a couple tips to get your customers excited about boating this summer.  

Itā€™s all about the Videos 

If you read my Tweets, you already know how much I stress the importance of video. In fact, almost 60% of US internet users selected Facebook to watch videos online. Making Facebook the perfect outlet to air your latest product video this summer.

Keep up with Mark

Not your boating buddy Mark, but Mark Zuckerburg. He’s been going ā€œLiveā€ lately talking about the changes that have been happening to Facebook. With Facebook being the largest player in the social media game, it’s critical to know every little move that Mark and his team are making. It affects the exposure of your posts and highlights meaningful interactions. Companies are encouraged to pitch less and tell stories your audience would be interested in more.  Also, you cant forget that he also owns Instagram, so most of the changes happening to Facebook are also affecting Instagram.

Social Ads

Since Mark is trying to make it harder for business to gain organic reach on the social pages, it is imperative to have an ad budget to get your pages noticed by your desired audience. Correctly setting up an ad account and taking the time to precisely target your audience is KEY. Finding what ad settings work for your company can be a time-consuming process to find what works for your audience. This includes tweaking the many ad settings and zeroing in on your audience to see what works.

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags count, either in the main text of your Instagram photo or the first comment. In fact, according to a Sprout Social study, Instagram posts that use at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than posts excluding them. Whenever you add a hashtag to a post, itā€™s able to be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable/discoverable by other users. Over time this will add up to more likes, comments, and follows. #getsocial #socialnavigator

Get Visual

The sun is shining, and the warm weather is here, meaning itā€™s time to get out on your boat. This weather also makes for the best photo shoots of your marine product or service.  Even if itā€™s a simple photo taken with your iPhone, getting the right angle this summer can provide content for months to come. 

Hire Social Media Manager

These tips are only useful if you put them in play. This is where having a Social Media Manager comes in handy. As Social Media Managers, we pride ourselves on being on top of the latest trends, attending informative seminars/webinars, being an active member of the Social Media Association of New York, and a proud partner with Sprout Social. So let yourself relax this summer and have a Social Media Manager handle social for you!


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