6 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager this Year

With 2.80 billion people around the globe on social media, it is safe to say social media is no longer a trend. These global users are also customers that are eager to follow their favorite brands. Having a social media manager to engage these customers daily should be a part of every marketing plan in 2018. These are just six of the many reasons why you need a social media manager this year.

Another form of Customer Service

Social media managers pride themselves on having direct interactions with customers. One of their primary roles is to monitor each platform’s inbox, always looking for comments, questions, and concerns of customers to be answered with a timely response. This shows how the brand will go above and beyond to satisfy a customer in need.

Keeping up to Date with Latest Trends

Whether the social platform takes off like Instagram or flops like Myspace, social media managers are always on top of the game. They constantly check out the latest social media platforms to see which would fit your company.

Saves Time  

We all know social media can get time-consuming, especially when it’s mixed in with another million things to do in the office. Having a social media manager takes the worry out of updating, monitoring and responding to comments, as well as many more things every week.

Constant Monitoring of the Pages

Not only are social media managers another form of customer service, but they’re also constantly monitoring every like, comment, Facebook reaction, retweet, and engagement happening on each platform.  Managers are also planning months of posts, coming up with fresh ideas to capture the audience, and even spying on your competitors.  

Increases Brand Awareness

Social media pages act as another form of your website by showing company updates, new products, upcoming events, and beyond.  It’s another way to keep your long-time customers engaged and open doors for new customers, growing your brand larger than you’ve ever seen it.

Social Media ROI

ROI is a question social media managers get a lot, but it is not all the same for each company.  ROI varies depending on the company and their current status on social media.  But like anything else, when you stay in front of your customer base, they’re more likely to buy from you when they need the products you sell.  This constant social presence will drive brand awareness, as well as sales.  You can see the ROI in your social manager’s report each week measured by engagements, interaction, clicks and growth of each page.

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