Turn your booth, boat, factory or shop into an accurate and immersive digital twin. Get ready for a 3DV.

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Social Navigator‘s team of regionally based technical videographers are ready to perform 360-degree scans at a cost that is less than an average plane ticket.  Within days of booking, your vessel or space can be scanned and ready for sharing with a simple link on your website.


  • 3D Tour of your space –  We come to you, scan your space, digitalize into an online format that your customers can use. 
  • Informative Links Viewers are educated on products by clickable points that are placed throughout the 3DV Tour.  These points are ways to add context to specific places, objects, and features within your space, educating and entertaining the audience.
  • Media content – use on a website, social media, email, and other online networks too.

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  • Boat manufactures to share new models in detail with their dealership base,
  • Boat dealers and brokers to demo new or used listings in a way that replicates the “size and scale” of what it’s like to tour the actual boat,
  • Marine accessory manufacturers who would like to duplicate their trade show booths and provide customers and their clients an immersible and interactive brand experience, and
  • Charter boat companies to giving customers the opportunity to try a boat before booking to make sure all the details will fit their preferences.