The Seattle Boat Show and Social Navigator are excited to share the breakthrough 3D Voyager with you. Create your virtual booth by turning your space into an accurate and immersive digital twin. 3DV is an amazing 3D booth boat show booth available at a great value.

Try some of our current 3DV’s. Click on any of the scans below to jump in!

What to expect:

Scan your showroom, retail location, or set up a full booth-like setting with everything you would like to scan in one area!
  • You can set up your full booth-like setting in your workspace OR if you have a showroom you can have that scanned. You need everything you would like to have scanned in one area OR you can scan a couple of spaces.
Is your booth all boats?
  • You can either have each boat scanned or set up the main models in once space and scan them all. (boats can not be scanned in direct sunlight)
Book your scan TODAY and have it done by next week .

To receive these deal you must book a scan before December 22, 2020

Additional possible costs:
  • Travel for camera crew (approx. $100),
  • Additional hours of space deck out (editing and linking),
  • If your Voyager is over 2,000 square feet there is an additional $0.20 per foot.
  • The first five “Space Deck Out Points” are free, additional points are billed hourly, $75.00 an hour.
  • Additional content, edited videos, photos, and another editing will be charged hourly.